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MIRAY VANILLA society offer to customers Madagascar’s products: vanilla and cloves. All of our product is naturally made, located in Toamasina, in the east of Madagascar. Our company was created too for helping Malagasy people to have a job, especially in the village where we collect our product.

We worked since 2007 and we were collecting products for some big industries in Madagascar until now, but our STAFF and TEAM have more than 20 experience with vanilla and cloves.

 Our objectives and missions

  • Providing to our ccustomers the highest quality
  • Offering a natural product
  • Supporting farmers to produce more by buying their products
  • Honoring time of delivery
  • Expand our company to create more jobs for Malagasy people


+261 34 66 159 80
+261 32 78 716 78


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+261 32 88 790 30
+86 151 6823 4347

Our products


is a tropical climbing vine of the orchid family, grown for its pleasant flavour. There are more than 40 species of vanilla exist but the kind that we’re collecting is only BOURBON


are the aromatic flower buds of tree in the family Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum.
Cloves oil is well known as treatment for toothache and its anteseptic properties makes it an excelent mountwast.


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Villa la Rose Mangarano II Parcelle 11/47 Toamasina

+261 34 66 159 80
+261 32 88 790 30
+86 151 6823 4347


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